1. Maintaining your mails

Good to see you back. This part is going to provide you with several hands-on tips for maintaining your mails and your brand new E-mailer. If you thought the previous tutorials were fun, well: there's more we'd like to share with you.

2. Those folders

As you probably have found out, you can add folders to any account you've set up. Some folder types can be handy to filter mail or just plain to help a hand to get organized.
Go to the accounts panel, right-click on an account and select the New Folder menu item.

New Folder
Just do it!

In the PMRRAH version of Phoenix Mail you can create 4 different types of folders: Normal, Send, Receive and Draft. Interesting is of course the Receive variant which allows you to use 'keywords': when Receiving mail, Phoenix Mail will automatically store new mails in the folder with the 'right keywords'. Currently Phoenix Mail only checks for keywords in headers, so a word of caution is appropriate. There's no need to explain how those filters work: think Google.

2. Coloured labels?

We support coloured labels™. Coloured labels are a hot item in nowadays e-mailers, and now even PMRRAH supports those coloured things. Coloured labels support is set by default though, so if you don't like it, consider the Settings dialog | Tab Others. But if you do: make sure you check out the Labels Tab too: every label can be accompanied with a piece of text. It might be smart to assign text to a specific colour.

3. Get organized: move those messagelist columns

From version RG and up, moving columns has been corrected and fixed, so it's finally possible to move any of those columns to any place. Try it out.

4. Get organized: move messages anywhere!

You can copy and/or move your messages to any folder you want by using drag and drop techniques or by using the 'Copy/Move to folder' functionality (which you can find in the Message menu).

5. Colourize the quotes in e-mails

Some people can't live without it anymore: coloured quoting in e-mail messages. This feature can be enabled from the (There we go again) Settings dialog, go to the Tab Editor. Make sure you check the 'Quote colours' checkbox. You can change the following things:

In any case: Phoenix Mail's colour quoting routine isn't perfect, but then how many people quote correctly in e-mails?

Sidenote: when processing takes too long, you can stop colour quoting by double-clicking in the third panel of the statusbar (the one that shows the percentage done).

6. Dump those e-mails

Oh yes: the repository and recycle bin can be automatically cleared when you close Phoenix Mail. Just check the General tab in the Settings. A tip: you can easily delete new folders too. However, messages in those deleted folders will always be moved to the recycle bin. In case you pressed the wrong button.

7. Moving from PMO?

As said before: RoundAbout and PMRRAH support most of all PMO settings and folder information. Also, the old toolbar as used in PMO, is available from the View | Toolbars | Classic menu.

8. Switchin' Layout

OK. I was there: almost there. PMRRAH/RoundAbout supports up to 4 different layouts in 2 styles: Roman and Classic.

Yippie! Outlook style!

Roman style is actually the style that more or less stays close to the default Phoenix Mail layout: Classic layout... Oh well, you know.

Note: since version RI, the different layouts have been moved to the Settings dialog

9. Uh-Oh. Attachments. HTML/Virii

Unevitable, but discussable yes. First of all, Attachments:
Attachments appear in the attachment listview. Currently they aren't stored seperately on your drive, but will always reside inside your e-mail. This has several advantages and disadvantages: it's up to you if you want to execute an attachment. Luckily, you can start-up a virus-scanner from within Phoenix Mail.
HTML: right. Same story. The developers have the policy *not* to show HTML e-mails straight from within the message editor. We don't plan to include it either, since we think that viewing HTML is an 'add-on'. Your favourite browser can be launched from Phoenix Mail too. And if you see HTML text straight in the browser, send the sender a kind e-mail and ask him to *MIMIFY* his e-mails: sending plain HTML text e-mails (instead of using MIME/Attachments) is completely rude and against the standards.
But anyways: this shouldn't withhold you using the 'Attachment' context sensitive pop-up menu: loads of features to get even the new user going.

10. Looking for that e-mail?

Yes: I'm fuzzy too and finding a specific e-mail can be a nuisance. The good part is that RoundAbout provides two ways to search for e-mails, but particularly the advanced search e-mail dialog includes tools like 'delete', 'move' or 'copy e-mail' straight out of the box! Just right-click on the found e-mail(s).