Hello. World.

Alrighty. The introduction for new users only. Experienced users can just skip this part and play along with the features. On the left hand beginners can find basic tutorials in several features of RoundAbout. First of all, lets summarize things you need to know before you go on to the tutorials

1.... Make sure that you always download the latest executable from the project page, which can be found here.

2.... If you're not sure which version you have, check the About dialog (Help | About Phoenix Mail).

3.... Normally you can replace the old executable with the newer one. The programmers do recommend to *rename* the old version first, if only for bug references.

4.... Please also read the releasenotes.txt and check out the new features and new options or maybe even radical implementation changes. These release notes are your first clues. They contain handy tricks to make your life (yeah, really) easier. And they're funny too sometimes (isn't that something?).

5.... Any executable will always pick up the old settings. Heck, it even picks up the correct settings of PMO.

6.... If you stumble on an error (Something with 'Out of bounds' at start-up), close off the program, go to your Phoenix directory and delete the MessagesXX.txt file.
If you have downloaded a different language version, make sure that you also use the MessagesXX.txt as provided in the zip file.

Good? Now, press that Starting up link and above all enjoy! Don't forget to check into the FQA, that can be found on this site too.