Get the proper components.

First of all inorder to compile the project you'll need to download and install following components:

Install the components.

TToolbar97, PHXComponents and DSF is easily done, just follow the below instructions:

  1. Extract the zip files to the location which suites your taste.
  2. Start Delphi.
  3. Click "File"->"Open"
  4. Browse to the directory/folder into which you extracted the desired components, in this case either "TToolBar97" or "Delphi Free Stuff".
  5. Select the file which extension is .dpk (delphi packages)
  6. Click on the button [OK]
  7. In the window "Packages - ..." click on the Compile icon.
If everything goes as planned you should get a few messages 1.) telling you that the packages has been compiled, 2.) which components have been installed, just click okay to both. Now close the window "Packages ..." and choose "Yes" to save changes to the components.

Now, the "Richedit 98" is a bit trickier. If you've got Delphi 4 or below install goes like this:
  1. Extract the file (included in the PHXComponts file from the projects page).
  2. Start Delpi.
  3. Click "Component"->"Install Component...".
  4. In the window "Install component" choose the page "Into existing packages".
  5. In the field "Unit file name:" click on the button [Browse].
  6. Browse to the Directory/folder into which you extracted "Richedit 98".
  7. Select the file "richedit2.pas"
  8. Click the button [Ok].
  9. In the field "Packages file name" do the same as the above field, except, you have to choose a packages file (*.dpk). Any packages file will do..
  10. In the window "Install component" Click the button [Ok].
  11. Now follow the step 7. from Install[1].
Now, if you've got Delphi 5+ open the file "RTFEditor.pas" and search for "DEFINE 120" and remove the "DEFINE"'s. afterwards just follow Install[2].

If you incounter problems with these instruktions please email me at: bradur